Friday, July 27, 2012

The Three In One

Today William underwent three procedures. The main procedure is called a Nissen. The procedure tightens the stomach to limit the possibility of anything coming back up. EDIT: Technically, the procedure tightens the sphincter and loops the esophagus to prevent reflux. Mel disagreed with my layman explanation.

William has been struggling with reflux and vomiting. He was hospitalized last week following a reflux event that flooded his lungs with vomit. EDIT: He experienced an aspiration event following a significant reflux of mucus and stomach contents. Mel disagreed with my layman explanation.

The surgeries went well. William looks great. He remains on a respirator. Hopefully he will be taken off of the respirator tomorrow.

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  1. William looks great!! Im so happy to hear things are going well!!