Tuesday, July 24, 2012

911 Call, William's Birthday Bash and Surgery

"Its been a busy two weeks."

Last Monday night William had a reflux episode.  He began turning blue and was clearly not able to breathe.  Despite repeated attempts, were unable to clear the obstruction with the suction machine.  We tried giving him oxygen, but that only helped to get his oxygen saturation to a point that was outside of the danger zone.  Paramedics were called and took us to the ER at Delnor.  After several hours we were transferred to Central DuPage Hospital.  Thankfully, William rebounded from the episode.  He was officially diagnosed with reflux pneumonia. We spent three days in the hospital which included his birthday.

We celebrated William's first birthday last Wednesday with the immediate family and Nema!  We had cake and balloons in the hospital room.  The nursing staff made a wonderful sign and decorated the room.

Williams doctors gave permission for William's first birthday party that took place on Saturday.  The entire family came over and celebrated this huge milestone.  It was great having family and friends enjoy spending time at our house.  Due to continuing efforts to keep William healthy, we have been limited with number of guests. This was a great opportunity to have people over who have been unable to meet Will. Hewas excited to have so many visitors.

We also enjoyed having Grandma, Aunt Rachel and cousin Brooklyn spend time with us.  Juliet loved having Brooklyn at our house.  Hopefully they will be able to visit us again in the near future.

This week William will undergo several surgical procedures.  He is scheduled to have a nissen and to have placement of ear tubes.  The nissen is a procedure to help prevent reflux.  We are hopeful that with this procedure will reduce the number of reflux incidents and hospitalizations.

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