Friday, March 7, 2014

Learning Fun

I want to share with you some of William's new favorite learning games! William has the most amazing developmental therapist!! She never fails to come up with fun learning activities for William that he absolutely loves! 

A little background story - When she first started with us about a year and half ago, William did not know what to think of her.  For about two months he just stared at her with his little finger by his eye - assessing.  We even noticed that his heart rate would go up when she would go to get a new toy out of her bag. Now she is by far one of his favorites. They are buddies.

Bath Letter - ABC Puzzle: One of William's favorite learning game that she introduced to him is an ABC puzzle made out of bath letters. She simply traced all the letters onto paper to create a puzzle. (the picture shows foam paper). William enjoys using the lightweight foam letters and quickly learned to match all his letters!

Shape Game: To make learning shapes and colors super fun she colored shapes on a foam cube from packing materials and made large matching shapes out of construction paper.  She holds up a shape and William finds the matching shape on the cube. William loves this game!! (She will also hold up the large shapes and will have him tell her the shape using his talker.) 

Spelling His Name: New this week - she wrote the letters in his name on pieces of paper had him match the letters on his talker to spell his name!

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  1. Will is the amazing one! So fun to watch! He is such a little smartie, and keeps me on my toes:)