Saturday, January 26, 2013

William and Tommy the Telephone

William loves this old toy that one of his therapist has called Tommy the Telephone. (I have looked for it on eBay, but have not found one yet. Oh well, I guess if we owned one it would not be near as cool when he therapist brings it.) First William holds the phone's hands, which are heat activated, then it rings and makes an animal sound. We then help him find the animal that makes that sound and ask him to put it in the phone's opening in the back. When his therapist first brought this toy in the fall, it was an instant hit with both William and Juliet. Although she is not in this video, Juliet usually helps William match the animal to the sound. William is always super serious about all the tasks that are involved in playing with this toy. He loves it so much he could probably play with it for the entire duration of his hour session, but it is usually saved for the end.
William and an Illini cup

William in his stander
William has continued to do well in all areas of his development. Over the past week, he has really turned on. He is more engaged in his therapies and activities then we have ever seen. This change has been noted by not just me, but all of his nurses and therapists. Part of it is probably the age that he is at, but still it is incredibly exciting. I am so thankful for all of his wonderful therapists. They are excellent! It has been amazing to work with them and learn how to help William develop and learn in spite of his disabilities.

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