Friday, August 3, 2012

From Bad to Worse 08-03-2012

Yesterday we thought we saw some signs of progress.  All hopes for continued progress were dashed this morning  as William's other lung collapsed.  To be specific atelectasis set in in both lungs causing extreme difficulty breathing and more mucus.  William was placed on Bi-PAP.  He hates the Bi-PAP and fought it all morning.  His secretions did not improve.

Upon consultations with William's team of doctors, it was determined that the best method to keep William alive was to re-intubate him.  From our prospective he had lost all ability to clear his secretions and a mucus plug was imminent.  

He will be trached next week and given a permanent ventilator.

The good news is that William may be more comfortable with the vent and the trach will allow better access to suction.  

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