Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Peanut Challenge and Mary Massery

This week is yet another busy week of appointments.

Peanut Challenge:  Juliet and I went to the doctor's office to try some peanut butter. They began by putting a little bit on her lip and waiting 15 minutes. After 15 minutes there was no reaction, so she was given a 1/4  tsp and waited 15 minutes.  However this time there was a small red splotch by her mouth. We then waited an additional 10 minutes, she had no further reactions so she was given an another 1/4 tsp. After the second 1/4 tsp, there was a small hive by her nose. So the peanut challenge was stopped. She was given some benadryl and we will try again next year.  Overall I thought it went well. She was given two 1/4 tsp and had a small reaction and the doctor thinks it is possible that she may out grow her allergy.

Mary Massery: Yesterday I took William for a consultation with Mary Massery.  She is a physical therapist that specializes in breathing and postural impairments. We attended her clinic at the DuPage Easter Seals. The first hour we spent talking about William's medical history.  The first part of every visit with someone new is always like an interview. I actually carry a binder full of business cards and medical records.  Mary recommended that I type up a one page "medical resume" with his doctors contact info. on the back and put a copy in my wallet so I will always have it. Of course I think to my self..."in my spare time". But really it is a great idea and I will try to get it done soon. The next hour she worked with William. Her primary focus at this initial visit was pulmonary health and airway clearance. She spent some time observing and measuring his chest and breathing for a base line.  William has a pectus excavatum (inverted chest) and paradoxical breathing. Then we spent the remainder of the time going over assistive manual cough techniques and chest physical therapy. Overall I was impressed by her knowledge and we will follow up with her in the fall.

GI: Today we are following up with William's GI doctor.  William vomits nearly everyday and we have learned that typically children with MTM get a Nissen at the same time as the G-Tube.  William did not get a Nissen when he got his G-Tube. We are going to discuss the Nissen.

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