Friday, June 15, 2012

Great day!

Today is going great!
  1. I recently asked for a new Early Intervention Developmental Therapist. Our new DT came to work with William today and she is amazing! I am so happy she is on our team! Not only does she have a son with special needs, but she has an amazing resume and a wealth of knowledge!
  2. Earlier in the week I took Juliet to have her re-tested for her peanut allergy. They took blood to test peanuts and all nuts. (When she was one she had a bad reaction to peanut butter. The allergist did the RAST blood test and it resulted in a 4.41 which put her in the very allergic category.) Today the nurse called to let me know that all the tests came back negative and the doctor wants her to come in to do a "peanut challenge".
  3. William got his first chair.  (See picture below.) Well actually it is a "loaner" until we get ours.  We have William's baptism this Sunday and we asked the company if they could bring us out a "loaner" today and they did! We are excited to start taking William places and letting him see the world. 
I am so happy things are moving in a positive direction. It feels great to have some wins! Go Team Whiston!!

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