Saturday, November 8, 2014

School Pictures 2014

This week I received William's and Juliet's school pictures. School pictures are always a fun surprise.  You get your child all ready for picture day and wait for the results...

When I opened William's school picture packet I was overwhelmed with happy tears and a memory of a conversation that we had one of William's NICU doctors came rushing back to me.

As any parent would be, we were full of questions in the beginning and were terrified for what the future may hold for our son.  We expressed that we were worried that our son would not be in "the class" - I think were the words we used. We were trying to discuss Williams's short life expectancy. The doctor began to assure us that what we were looking at does not affect his mental capacity and did not engage in the life expectancy discussion. We did not have a diagnosis, so life expectancy was something that was unknown and extremely frightening,

I recently had dinner with some MTM mothers and the same topic came up during our conversations. Most had similar stories of doctors telling them the best we could do was to "enjoy your baby". As I sat and listened, I thanked God for our NICU/PICU doctors and nurses and our amazing pediatrician who never gave up on William or our family. One day shortly after we received William's diagnosis I was in his pediatrician's office and again brought up the topic of life expectancy. She stopped me mid-sentence and said that we were going to be proactive and aggressively attack even the slightest cold. She gave me her cell phone and told me I could call her anytime.

Thanks to all of these wonderful, caring physicians, I have school pictures of William. They collectively saved his life and gave him and us a chance. I will forever be grateful.

William's 3 year preschool picture 2014-2015

William's Preschool Class 2014-2015

Juliet's Kindergarten Picture 2014-2015 

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