Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy Summer

It has been a busy summer.  William has gone on many adventures. 

He discovered the DuPage Airport!  He loves airplanes and was thrilled to watch planes and drive his power chair on the tarmac.  

We went to our favorite summertime BBQ at Uncle Den's house. Everyone had a great time.  Juliet got to swim with her cousins while Will read books.  Following the BBQ we went and watched fireworks in Batavia.  

The whole family went to the movies and saw Maleficent.  Dad had promised Juliet that he would take her. All four of us had a great time.

Juliet has been taking swimming lessons and goes swimming every morning.  Juliet also spent a week at "princess camp". Juliet took part in princess themed arts and crafts. She had a great time.

We are starting the process of getting both kids ready for school. Juliet enters kindergarten and William will attend preschool.  Juliet's school is only two blocks away.  Mom will have the pleasure of walking her to school. William will ride the bus to his school.  Our wonderful nurses, Erin and Sherry, will accompany Will. We are hopeful that he will love school as much as he loves learning on his iPad.

William's birthday is coming up, along with another outpatient surgery. Juliet is super excited for Will's birthday. She has been picking out presents and decorations. Due to the surgery, we are keeping the party small, but we have a special surprise for William!!!

We are also blessed as Nema and Papa are moving to Geneva. We are so excited to have them in the area. William is excited to have more people he can read with! 

Things have been busy with Will-Cure.  Two big fundraisers, the 2nd Annual Drive for the Cure in Springfield, IL and our Inaugural Will-Cure Open in Geneva, IL, are quickly approaching. We hope to have a good turnout and raise money to help cure this awful disease. There are so many people that have helped make Will-Cure a success.  We are blessed to have such an amazing group of people around us. We also have the Bank of America Chicago Marathon fundraiser approaching as well as  Sheri's Fox Valley Marathon.

The family recently ventured to downtown Chicago to meet with researchers and corporations that were attending the New Directions in Biology and Disease of Skeletal Muscle Conference. We were also able to meet with our other MTM / CNM families. We had a great time seeing everyone in person.  It was great making new friends too!

Hopefully everyone who reads this is doing well. As you know, we are always happy to have visitors.

The Whiston Family

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