Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter is coming. Holiday Season Updates


Lots of things going on with the family.  We recently went to the preschool that William will be attending in July.  Friendship Station is the school districts preschool.
Friendship Station Preschool Logo
The facility is very nice and we are confident that William will be excited to meet children and get out of the house more often.


We recently ordered William his very own power wheel chair!

After several appointments, William proved that he is capable of driving a power chair...although the walls in our house tell a different story!  Shriners was kind and provided a "loaner" chair to allow William to master the skill.  Now we will begin the process of getting the chair approved by insurance.  Big ticket items such as this are usually rejected.  We are ready to do battle in order to make sure William has a power chair for his first day of preschool in July. The process to get his stroller chair took nearly 10 months.  We are hopeful that we have started this process early enough to allow William to get comfortable with his chair prior to school.


William has had ear infections for the past three months.  We learned that sometime last week one of his ear tubes has fallen out.  Unfortunately another surgery will be necessary.  We are working with the doctors and hospitals in an effort top try and complete all of the yearly tests at the time as the surgery.  William needs yearly liver panels, liver ultrasound, kidney ultrasound, blood gas studies, CO2 monitoring and EKG.

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