Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Kick Off

One of my goals for the summer is to take the kids places. To see and do fun things!

William will be 2 years old next month and in those two years we have had long hospital stays, countless doctors appointments and almost daily therapy sessions (physical, occupational, developmental & speech). I have decided that it is time we get out and explore! So far we have checked out two different parks in our subdivision. I posted a video of William driving his power chair in a previous post. We attended Mason's birthday party and this week we went to the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton and the Pride of the Fox Riverfest in St. Charles!

Cosley Zoo: Wednesday, June 5 2013

Cosley Zoo is a small local zoo that is part of the Wheaton Park District. It is less than an hour from our home so we decided to check it out! We picked up Juliet from her last day of Pre-school and went to the zoo.  Juliet loved it. Her favorite animal was the peacock. We circled back several times to see if the peacock was showing their feathers and finally we saw peacock's beautiful feathers. William is a cautious boy and had to process the day. He defiantly was unsure of the situation, but I saw him checking things out. Later that evening I caught him playing peekaboo barn app on his ipad.  It is a simple app that has animals hiding behind a barn and when you tap on the barn it says the animal name and has the animal sounds.  I have not seen him play with this app in a really long time. I would have to think it is not a coincidence that he came home from the zoo that has lots of barnyard animals and then selected this barnyard app on his ipad.

William and Juliet see a sheep
William checks out the horses
Juliet poses by the birds

William looks at the birds

Pride of the Fox: Friday, June 7, 2013

Second adventure of the week, Pride of the Fox in St. Charles! They had lots of children's activities. First we started with the bounce houses.  Juliet jumped and William took in the sites.  Next we headed over to the face painting tent.  Juliet decided that she wanted her face painted like a princess and we picked out a dog temporary tattoo for William's arm.  William was funny.  He sat patiently like he always does watching all the kids.  I do not think he realized that he was in line too.  As soon as he got up to the front and saw that he was next he started shaking his head no. We convinced him it would be ok. We then visited the animals at the petting zoo and Juliet went for a pony ride.  William watched all the animals and had lots of smiles! He even smiled for the picture in the below photo!!
William smiles for a picture
Juliet rides a pony
Juliet pets a baby goat

Juliet's princess face painting

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