Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Stander

We tried out William's stander for the first time yesterday!

Look at how tall he is! Last time William was measured he was in the 97 percentile for length and Juliet has always been on the petite side. So I wanted to get a picture of them side by side up right to see the height difference in William (15 mo.) and Juliet (3.5 yr).

And no Dan and I are not tall people nor do we have tall family members. From discussions with other MTM parents, tall and lean is typical for our boys. 

Please do not think I am delusional when I write this, but sometimes it is just fun to be the dreamer type. I was thinking how amazing it would be to watch all of our boys play basketball together once we have cured them. Oh, I know it is a BIG dream and probably sounds crazy. 

Anyway, William did well in his stander (as long as we kept it positioned so he could see Elmo of course.) Yes, as we tried out the stander for the first time, we made sure to have Elmo on so we was completely occupied.

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