Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another hospitalization

William came down with a cold that rapidly progressed into an upper respiratory infection. His oxygen levels were poor, so he was admitted to the hospital. He continued to decline and the worst possible thoughts crept into our minds. I am hoping he improves, but the doctors said he will likely get worse before he gets better.

We are fortunate to have my mom's help taking care of Juliet. Juliet struggles to stay entertained in the hospital room. Having Nema's help allows us to focus on Will.

Update: Will's condition has not significantly changed over the past 24 hours. He is on antibiotics. Deep suctioning is required every hour. One of the blood tests revealed elevated liver enzymes. A follow-up ultrasound of the liver was normal. The physicians decreased the flow of oxygen and are starting to give him food through the G-Tube. Mom has spent most of her time at the hospital while dad takes the early evening shift to give mom a small break. Mom returns late to allow dad to work and get some rest. She spends the night at Will's side. Mel is such a wonderful mom.

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  1. The doctor said that things are moving in the right direction. The nasal canula is turned down .5 flow of room air and his numbers look good. I really want my little man to get better soon.